Over the past weeks I have read with interest the controversy regarding the Billingtons’ desire to have a 100-acre subdivision on their property.

It never ceases to amaze me when people are critical of town employees or, God forbid, volunteers on boards and committees who have exercised the same rights as other citizens. This is not new; over 50 years ago my father was a selectman, and spent many years on committees and town boards. He was often criticized and begrudged for assisting with resident requests in meeting town codes.

I have known Gordie Billington for more than 40 years and Carol through the hundreds of hours we have volunteered on town committees and boards. In the last 10 years there is no couple who have given more of their time and energy to this town than the Billingtons. I do not always agree with nor vote the same as Gordie and Carol. But I do know that Standish is a better community because of their efforts.

From one Standish resident, thanks.

David “Dusty” Drew


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