“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have noticed a change of attitude in citizens of Windham and other towns than when I first moved to this town several years ago. I also notice that there appears to be many houses for sale. I have to personally believe that they are connected and it is caused by high taxes and what appears to be a decrease in good judgment in our government at many levels.

Recent events in Windham and at the state level make me wonder as to the true motive of our elected and appointed leaders. The constant call for the impeachment of our President by the Democratic Party in cities and in Augusta shows their true lack of morals and good judgment as far as I am concerned.

Where have they contributed something other than discontent? Our governor blames all of Maine’s woes on President Bush. A true leader would accept responsibility and clean out all the poor managers in various agencies.

In Windham more and more citizens are filling with disgust and anger over various issues and the so-called need for large increases in local spending. I have spoken with many that are so frustrated over spending that they are willing to leave this town behind. They are also disgusted as politics as it was in the past has changed and new candidates in recent years definitely don’t have good judgment and a sense of morality.

In the past, we lost a polling place because a candidate for the Windham Town Council failed to abide by the rules by campaigning too close to a church. The church had set a limit on how close political signs or materials could be and this candidate evidently failed to realize this or just didn’t care enough to find out. Talk about a lack of good judgment.

This year a candidate, again for Town Council, walked the route of the Windham Memorial Day Parade with his family. He has publicly stated in another local paper that he did not campaign during the parade. Really? How come some citizens thought he was part of the parade because he was so close to it? He also stated publicly that he respected veterans. Actions surely speak louder than words, that’s for sure. I had spoken with some candidates for office and all stated that campaigning at that parade or even Memorial Day should not happen at all. Do you feel that candidate displayed good judgment?

Even the fight over a proposed quarry has brought forth an interesting statement from an appointed member of our government. This statement ended with a remark of something like the neighbors of the quarry lack character. Wow! Imagine a statement like that about you. Would you be happy as I know I certainly wouldn’t be. The person is also a candidate for the Windham Town Council.

Census Bureau information on taxes shows that Maine and Vermont rank high in their tax burden and I have to wonder if the political party in charge has made the difference from a state like New Hampshire which has the lowest tax burden. Progressives versus conservatives?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a change. Thank God that it is election season and we can make a difference by making our vote count.

After Election Day and the Windham Town Meeting, watch for notices that a new group is forming to change the downhill progression of Windham. If you are not happy with the happenings in this town, have the feeling that you have to move or are totally upset that your children and grandchildren cannot afford to live here, you must certainly become a member.

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