The Lakes Region Suburban Weekly printed a letter on July 14 accusing Congressman Tom Allen of lack of engagement and non-presence at polling places during the June 13 primary.

I believe it is important to point out that Congressman Allen was in actually Washington that day representing the people of Maine.

Tom Allen’s steadfast leadership is the reason he has been able to deliver results for his constituents. He fought to save the Kittery Shipyard and double the number of jobs at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Limestone.

Tom also knows Mainers’ want and need affordable health care and prescription drug benefits. First, Congressman Allen propelled these issues into national debate, and then he proposed legislation to reduce the cost of treatment and care. He continues to do so today.

Recently, Tom proposed legislation that would, among other things, provide comprehensive and affordable health insurance choices for small businesses.

Likewise, Tom is aware that the people of Maine are concerned about issues such as developing clean energy sources, protecting the environment, improving our schools and securing a deficit-free future for our children, and he has delivered.

I am proud to be represented by Tom Allen’s leadership and integrity and his unwavering commitment to the people of Maine.


Tara Turcotte


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