Scarborough Youth Sports Forum runs sports programs for Scarborough kids, ages 4 through 7, which are designed to teach basic fundamentals of sports, and responsible citizenship.

Our focus for seven years has been helping to build the town of Scarborough one young person at a time. Scarborough Youth Sports Forum has the motto: “Better human beings make better athletes.” That is why we have the kids do a community service project as part of whatever athletic program they are participating in.

While Scarborough Youth Sports Forum focuses on the future, we think it is also important to remember the past.

Scarborough is preparing to celebrate its 350th anniversary as a town in 2008. Scarborough Youth Sports Forum wants to be part of that celebration.

With this in mind, Scarborough Youth Sports Forum’s board of directors has voted to approve a donation of $500 to the Friends of Scarborough 350th group. We understand the money will be used to help put together a “coffee table book” on the town’s history.

The Scarborough Youth Sports Forum board is looking into creating and printing “baseball cards” of well-known people from the town’s illustrious sports history. Pete Haigis (basketball), Bo McFarland (baseball), Mark Coulston and Keith Ellsmore (soccer), Patrick O’Reilly (track and field), Dick Plummer (coaching), Packy McFarland (athletic administration) are but a few of the names of people whose pictures might grace the cards that could be sold to benefit the Scarborough 350th cause. This is a small step, but an important one to let the committee know we appreciate all their hard work.

Kevin Huber, Pamela Joy, Brianna Libby, Thomas Niles, Paul Kostacopoulos, Gary Namm, Jeanne Scheddel and Duane Jutting

Scarborough Youth Sports Forum board of directors

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