Michael Lyons of Standish is a genius. Suffering from chronic back pain, Lyons visited his chiropractor a few years ago to seek a remedy. The doc came back with a simple answer: quit sittin’ on your wallet!

So, that’s what he did. And his gain is our gain because Lyons came up with a new invention that should help anyone who carries a billfold: “the Rogue wallet.”

How the wallet came about is a good story. Lyons started sticking his wallet in his front pocket but when that proved cumbersome, he imagined alternate designs for the traditional folding wallet. He ended up with something that is a hybrid of sorts. One end is curved to accommodate the lining of a man’s front trousers pocket. It looks more like a knife sheath than a wallet, really. Lyons claims the wallet fits in his pocket better and we’ll take him at his word. The product of his genius is ingenius. Indeed, it’s a new revolution in men’s accessories.

But what is great about his invention is that he bothered to do something about his dilemma. How many people would be able to take a traditional staple of every man’s wardrobe and improve upon it? A lot of people think about wanting to invent, but few take the effort to research, design, and find leather suppliers and stitchers to do it. That’s entrepreneurial. And we admire his initiative.

Please see Page 4 for photos and further explanation of Lyons’ new breed of billfold.

-John Balentine, editor

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