I feel that the clock from the First Parish Church in Gorham should be returned to the steeple, where everyone, like myself, can benefit from seeing the time every day. We don’t have to see the mechanism to appreciate the usefulness of a town clock that works.

Why would anyone go to the Municipal Center to see a clock, historical or not? This is not a social center. Most people avoid going to the Municipal Center if there is an alternative, such as doing business online. Are there going to be tours to view the clock? The parking is pretty limited as it is. I think the Municipal Center is the poorest choice. How about the library? Build a cupola on the roof and enclose it in glass – more people could see it there. What should be a simple solution has become a political mire.

Sorry, Mr. Robinson, I don’t see this as a church and state issue. It is more like a common sense one.

I’ll keep looking at the steeple and hoping.

M. Jane LeCours


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