I would like to start this letter by saying that I am 15 years old, and am writing this on behalf of something I find to be very important. I live in the Old Millbrook neighborhood and have lived here for most of my life. Recently, on the front page of your paper (Current, March 8) I saw a picture of a man who lives only a few houses down from me. I proceeded to read the article, and when I put down the paper moments later, I was shocked.

Josh Brown”s story was new to me, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that his story should not be news for the public. I don”t believe that publishing this story was either wise or ethical. Printing this story was not only an invasion of privacy, but also a family’s worst nightmare. Publicly displaying one family”s personal life may have inadvertently caused them serious pain. The only type of news that I know of whose sole purpose is to cause pain to people is gossip columns and tabloids.

I understand that your intentions were most likely to inform the public of this man returning home. However, I think that you should allow Web sites such as www.RegisteredOffendersList.Org and www.familywatchdog.us/ to do their job, because that is what sites like those were made for.

As you already know, Olde Millbrook has its own board and directors that have thoroughly discussed this situation at their meetings. The Olde Millborook board has not only discussed and accepted the situation, but has also come up with ways to handle it. I don”t understand why the story about Josh Brown was even the slightest bit newsworthy, when those who live closest to him have things under control.

The actual title of the article concerning Josh Brown was -“Neighbors unsure how to treat sex offender in Scarborough’.” I think that this title is misleading and wrong. When Rolf Ankerman was quoted in the paper he did not once say that the people of Olde Millbrook are -unsure’ about how to -treat sex offender’ in the neighborhood. I would hope that he is not treated any different from anybody else, and from what Mr. Ankerman said, it certainly does not sound like the Olde Millbrook board is unsure how to treat the situation at all. It sounds like they have everything under control. It just doesn’t seem right to so publicly expose an already troubled man who is trying to pull his life back together.

I personally was upset when I read your article about Josh Brown, and I can”t even imagine how it affected him and his family. The man has made some mistakes – and by no means am I saying that they”re OK. However, I can bet that he lives with the consequences of his mistakes every day of his life, and having you so publicly tear him up I”m sure was just salt in the wound.

I believe that it is your job to tell the town of Scarborough the news and keep the people informed, but there is a fine line between news and privacy.

Naomi Abrams


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