Amy King, 27, Casco

“We try to get out as much as we can anyway. We’re not really homebodies, never have been. We’re not afraid to drive in the snow. Just be cautious.”

Jason Barnes, 32, Casco

“I do…I try to get the kids out, but its too wet and snowy and muddy.”

Jamie Morrison, 22, Standish

“No, because we are still able to play our softball games because we’ve been shoveling our field. If our games were cancelled then I think I would have cabin fever.”

Tom Dibiase, 38, Windham

“I didn’t have it until these last two storms…when you think spring and summer are going to be here it’s kind of depressing.”

James McCabe, 65, Windham

“No, because I’ve been in Florida all winter.”

Ed Getty, 55, West Gray

“Yes, I’ve had all the winter I think we need. I’m ready for race season!”

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