SAD 6 students in kindergarten through eighth-grade as well as staff members were honored at the recent writers tea held at Bonny Eagle Middle School. They had submitted their writing to the annual district writing contest. Winners of the first, second, and third places in each writing category were presented ribbons. Winners included:

Kindergarten: Poetry: 1st place, Tayler Johnson-Hartley – HOL (Hollis School); Journal Entry: 1st place tie Gabriella Profenno – EDL (Edna Libby School), 1st place tie Michael Foley – JM (Jack Memorial School), 1st place tie Sydney Gillingham – SF (Steep Falls School), 2nd place tie Miles McLellan – EDL, 2nd place tie Regan McCleary – JM, 3rd place Erin Willey – EL (Eliza Libby School).

Grade 1: Poetry: 1st place Hattie Skvorak – JM, 2nd place tie George Childs – EDL, 2nd place tie Benjamin Ausenbaugh – EDL; 2nd place tie Lea Pillsbury – EDL; 3rd place tie Kaylee Collins – EDL, 3rd place tie Rebecca Levesque – EDL.

Journal Entry: 1st place tie Aidan Rausch – EL,1st place tie Benjamin Ausenbaugh – EDL, 2nd place Isabella Profenno – EDL, 3rd place Deidra Perreault – JM.

Grade 2: Poetry: 1st place tie Phoenix Vachon – FJ (Frank Jewett School), 1st place tie Nicholas Ferris – EDL, 2nd place tie Elijah Munro-Ludders – EDL, 3rd place Emily Brazier – EDL. Journal Entry: 1st place Holly Jordan – JM, 2nd place Catherine Curtis – JM, 3rd place Ashleigh Miller – HBE.

Grade 3: Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place tie Dahniha Morris – EDL, 1st place tie Devin Marshall Borchard – SF. Rhymed Poetry: 1st place Sarah Heath – HOL, 2nd place Carly Brown – EDL., 3rd place Laura Moskevich – FJ, 2nd place Hayden Eilinger – HOL, 3rd place Abigail Cates – SF. Personal Narrative: 1st place Delanna Swett – HBE, 2nd place Hayden Eilinger – HOL, 3rd place tie Abigail Cates – SF, 3rd place tie Mackenzie Gifford – EDL. Leads: 1st place Abigail Cates – SF, 2nd place Kenny Miller – HBE, 3rd place Jackson Newberry – EDL.

Grade 4: Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place Tiffany Auger – FJ, 2nd place Sierra Cooper – HBE, 3rd place Rosanna Woodruff – HAN(Hanson School). Rhymed Poetry1st place Alyssa Libby – FJ, 2nd place Crystal, 3rd place Brianna Roy – FJ, Reynolds – HAN. Personal Narrative: 1st place Caroline George – HBE, 2nd place Carolyn Lucy – GEJ(George E Jack School), 3rd place Carly Biegel – GEJ. Leads1st place Caroline George – HBE, 2nd place Rosanna Woodruff – HAN, 3rd place Josh Parker – FJ.

Grade 5: Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place Hannah Ketch – GEJ, 2nd place Abigail Lucy, 3rd place Kaya Williams – HAN. Rhymed Poetry: 1st place Cassidy Merrill – HAN, 2nd place Caleb Demmons – HAN, 3rd place Kaya Williams – Han. Personal Narrative: 1st place Veronica Druchniak – GEJ, 2nd place Kaya Williams – HAN, 3rd place Leah Carter – FJ. Leads: 1st place Hilary Kinney – HBE, 2nd place James Patchell – GEJ, 3rd place Nadhia Linteau – HAN.

Grade 6: Bonny Eagle Middle School; Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place Boomer Druchniak, 2nd place Brain Wardwell, 3rd place Caleb Porter. Rhymed Poetry: 1st place Kristen Cates, 2nd place Brianna Mayberry, 3rd place Allie Parkin. Personal Narrative: 1st place Boomer Druchniak, 2nd place tie Katie Quinn, 2nd place tie Abbey Hayes, 3rd place tie Taylor Valliere. 3rd place tie Lauren Sharples. Leads: 1st place Katie Quinn, 2nd place Boomer Druchniak, 3rd place Abbey Hayes.

Grade 7: Bonny Eagle Middle School; Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place Mikayla Welch, 2nd place Sarah Prince, 3rd place Sara Hope Clark. Rhymed Poetry: 1st place Brittney Cacace, 2nd place tie Reba Meserve, 2nd place tie Megan Whitman, 3rd place tie Tom Rhoades, 3rd place tie Mikkael Pierce. Personal Narrative: 1st place Anthony Ciampi, 2nd place Tom Rhoades, 3rd place tie Mikayla Welch, 3rd place tie Sam Luy. Leads: 1st place Janae Mills, 2nd place Brittney Cacace, 3rd place tie Reba Meserve, 3rd place tie Charlie Young.

Grade 8: Bonny Eagle Middle School; Unrhymed Poetry: 1st place Delaney Harter, 2nd place Alison Clift, 3rd place Cara Kinney. Rhymed Poetry: 1st place, Lindsey Carter, 2nd place Nate Martel, 3rd place tie Emily Munro-Ludders, 3rd place tie, Nate Martel, 3rd place tie Shelby Heggeman. Leads: 1st place Anna Berks, 2nd place tie Sarabeth George, 2nd place tie Avery Wormwood, 3rd place Uriah Eilinger. Personal Narrative: 1st place Jessica Meservey, 2nd place Uriah Eilinger, 3rd place Dezarae Fitzgerald.

Staff: Personal Narrative: 1st place Cynthia Williams, 2nd place Ginny Day – EDL/GEJ, 3rd place Linda Wilson – EDL. Poetry: 1st place Ann Hopkins, 2nd place Karen Neary – HBE, 3rd place Mary Ellen Olesen – GEJ.

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