Vince Bruni, 66, Windham

“It seems like he wants to be back in jail and he did something that will keep him there the rest of his life.”

Stephanie Sleeper, 31, Casco

“I think it’s not saying much for the criminal justice system. When criminals admit that they have a problem and in the interest of rehabilitation they let them go…now there are three families and two children who will grow up without a good father around.”

Michael Busch, 41, Naples

“I thought (the shootings) were pretty bad. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to be around (in society).”

Rich Gauthier, 57, Windham (no photo)

“People have no conscience about killing anymore. You get dulled down by seeing so much gore in the movies.”

Victoria Hale, 17, Casco

“I thought it was disgusting. It was pitiful. Why would you take three people’s lives for no reason? It’s disgusting knowing that someone from Windham could do that.”

Audrey Jackson, 15, Casco

“It was morbid. It was just gruesome.”

Sally Davies, 40, Windham

“Me and my son have been (in the Army Barracks store) twice, last summer actually. I remember that man (the victim) waiting on me…(Woodbury) just had no remorse, you can tell he has no remorse. I probably won’t be going back there (to the store), I’m sorry to say.”

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