The town’s spending of tens of thousands of dollars on the Priority Task Force is rather profound to me.

Every organization has a culture, whether it be by design or default. Because of the “feel good” approach that has been implemented, this task force has developed a culture by default. As such, it has become polarized. Culture, passion, purpose and process.

The town needs to move the process from strategic to tactical. The task force is not the vehicle to use on a go-forward basis.

Given the task force is in fact a re-start effort; the council needs to thoroughly understand what is needed to complete this all important process. If the town does not get this third try right, it runs the risk of losing very bright, passionate citizens who are giving it their all. The council needs to show strong leadership and put everyone in a position to succeed. The citizens need and expect strong leadership. This town operates in peril every day that goes by with less than adequate ordinances.

I recommend that we eliminate the task force, cancel our contract with Beth Della Valle. Now, where do we go from here? I believe the first order of priority ought to be that we meet immediately with the town’s planning board and address their long-overlooked needs. This planning board needs our immediate attention. I think that the council also needs to meet with other boards and committees as well. Once we have worked out our in-house issues, we can than finalize a plan, develop a flow chart and successfully complete the task at hand.

Make no mistake about it, this task is large and complex. But with teamwork, strong leadership and public support, we can turn this ship around and better protect and serve the people of Windham. It is important that everyone understand that I feel we need to consider several go-forward options. I urge every citizen to rally around this effort so that we can work as a great team. Because, it will take a great team effort to achieve success. We can do it.

Kaile Warren

Windham Town Councilor

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