Patricia (Trish) Brigham has served on the Cape Elizabeth School Board for one full term and would like to continue the work she started. Brigham, 46, is running unopposed for a two-year seat vacated by Kevin Sweeney.

“I did feel that I was in the middle of a couple of different projects, and I wanted to continue that work rather than jump ship,” Brigham said Monday.

She believes her experience on the board and in her professional life will help her continue to be a valuable board member over the next two years. She said personal and professional reasons led to her decision to run for the two-year seat as opposed to another full term.

Brigham has a master’s degree in business administration and has worked as a certified public accountant. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom and a full-time volunteer. Brigham has lived in Cape Elizabeth for 11 years and has three children who are all currently in the school system.

Brigham said she is passionate about education. She originally joined the school board because she had volunteered with the schools and thought she could contribute more.

“I wanted to help. I wanted to make a difference,” she said.

Brigham said she would like to see the district’s curriculum become more cohesive in all areas of learning. She said the math curriculum already has continuity, but she would like to see the same for language arts and sciences.

As for school consolidation, Brigham said, the board will have to practice “continued fiscal responsibility.” Before the budget goes out to voters, she said, the board needs to educate the public and invite them into the process.

“We need to work really hard at letting the people know what the numbers mean,” she said. “You need to make sure people are making informed decisions.”

Brigham hopes that voters will stay informed and base their votes on fact rather than opinions or hearsay.

Cape Elizabeth School Board – Brigham: Unopposed and ready to continue work started

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