My family is from Raymond, and my grandfather worked on

the barges that came up the Presumpscot River from Portland to Harrison.

My father before going back into the U.S. Marines in the late 40s worked at the Old Eastland Hotel in Portland, and would on occasion take Sebago Lake water to the airport in Portland and it would be shipped across state lines.

Sebago Lake water was the only water in those days that didn’t need a license to ship between states. My family has been avid boaters on Sebago lake to long lake since the early 1970s.

Going under the Naples bridge is just part of the boating experience. We traveled from Raymond on Sebago through the locks on our way up to my aunt and uncles place, (Long Lake Campground) in North Bridgton. We would visit them allot over the summers.

I bought my first boat in the late 80s and would go up to North Bridgton to visit friends just about every weekend. The bridge in Naples being able to open for the larger boats and sailboats means so much to the Sebago lake, Brandy Pond and Long Lake area and economy that it would be a real misfortune for the summer boaters and the tourists. Don’t weld the bridge shut.

Sam Cummings


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