My name is Shelley Lufkin-Staples and my husband and I live at Emery Road, which is the road that runs parallel to MemoryLane Music Hall and abuts Blake Road.

Standing on my front steps I can see the side profile of MemoryLane as well as part of the smoking area that is fenced in. I think the May 23 Lakes Region Weekly article was misleading and I wanted to speak up and say that not all the neighbors are complaining.

Our house is as close if not closer than the Browns and much closer then the Childs and we do not have any issues or complaints about the noise level. I would go as far as saying we hardly know that establishment is there.

We were not asked to sign any petition and neither were my in-laws who live on the corner of Blake Road and Emery Road nor was my sister-in-law who lives next door to us on Emery Road, which is the part of the neighborhood surrounding MemoryLane.

My husband has lived in this neighborhood all his life and remembers the days of the music hall when it was BYOB and had very little staff stopping fights, regulating noise and preventing burn outs. He remembers the parking lot being full though every Friday and Saturday night for years. Since the Browns have lived there is 1976 I’m sure they remember those days as well.

MemoryLane has more staff on a nightly basis then most bars, they

have someone sitting in the parking lot making sure no one leaves loudly; they go out with their own decibel meter twice a night and check the noise level to make sure they are following the town ordinance.

There are very few establishments that would go through the trouble or expense to make sure their patrons can enjoy a nice evening out. What more can they do for the two neighbors that are complaining when the rest of the neighborhood is not?

Shelley Lufkin-Staples, Raymond Staples Jr.