Potpourri – a collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. That’s the Good Word as we begin October this year.

We’re delighted to know that despite the threat of Kyle the Hurricane, Windham’s Neighbors Helping Windham Neighbors walk-a-thon on Saturday went off like the success we all hoped it would be. From all preliminary reports, Neighbors is off to a good start in its goal to make sure critical needs (heat, for example) of residents will be met. The work goes on, building community spirit.

September disappeared in a flurry of catch-up activities and still, there are summer clothes in my ironing basket. Surely, the season for sleeveless has given way to sweat pants and flannel shirts, Maine’s native costume for winter and at least part of two other seasons.

When I made my weekly trip to Goodwill a couple of days ago, there were 22 people lined up at the cash register. All I wanted was a book to carry me over until I got to the library, but decided against getting in line. I figured they were all there to get Halloween costumes but it could be the trickle down effect of the mess on Wall Street, as more people discover thrift shops and the bargains available.

It was always disgusting and unbelievable to read of the retirement packages given to executives and to know that something was wrong with that picture, but now it’s more disgusting to know that we’re paying them twice – once for their retirement luxury and again to shore up the mess they left behind.

As we near Election Day, in addition to a president, we’ll be voting on whether or not to approve promotion of a gambling facility in Oxford County. I can’t imagine the rationale of allowing this but voting down Maine’s American Indian proposal for a casino. What is the difference? Isn’t the premise the same, whoever the proponent or wherever the location?

It’s a pleasure to learn that more than a dozen folks have enrolled in the Windham History classes being offered this fall through Windham Adult Education. The Windham Historical Society and its members are facilitating this and we look forward to lots of interest and knowledge being shared. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about the past and the role Windham played in the making of America.

The historical society is producing a calendar this year, which should be available for sale in November or perhaps earlier, if I can prod the printer a little. This year the theme is Neighborhoods and will feature photos of people and places familiar to some and revealing to others.

Calendars will be available at the society’s table on election day and at the holiday fair at Windham Hill UCC Nov. 8. For more information or to place an order, contact me ([email protected] or 892-5381 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.) or call 892-1433 and leave a message.

The calendars will cost $10 plus postage and all proceeds will help maintain our three museum buildings – the 1833 town house, Old Grocery Museum and the first Windham Center Library, all of which are over 150 years old and require continual work. Stop in and visit on a Thursday or Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and view our latest display honoring Windham’s military history and another display showing the history of the 175-year-old town house. Many photos and artifacts make these displays worth seeing.

See you next week.

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