Full name: Michael Shaw, 36

Address: 5 Perimeter Ave., Standish

Family: Married

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.mikeshawforstandish.com

Democrat Michael Shaw is running unopposed in State House District 102, which covers Standish. His former opponent, Republican incumbent Gary Moore, withdrew from the race in September.

Shaw, who has lived in Standish since 2000, ran against Moore two years ago. He served as state representative for approximately a month until a recount cast Moore as the winner. Though state officials found there were more ballots cast than registered voters, Shaw withdrew from the seat instead of asking for a new election. In his short time in office, Shaw said he wrote one successful bill to fund a study of restoring the Mountain Division rail line.

If elected, Shaw said he would work to promote alternative energy and job creation. Promoting business in clean energy and home weatherization “brings a lot of decent jobs and addresses our energy concerns,” Shaw said.

Shaw supports guaranteed low interest loans and grants for people to make their homes more energy efficient. Shaw also said promoting wood and wood pellet stoves could help decrease the state’s dependence on oil.

As far as the state budget goes, Shaw said he would work to find savings by assessing departments for possible cuts and switching to zero-based budgeting, or assuming a zero percent increase in department budgets from year to year.

“I think there’s a lot of areas in the state where each department could probably be run more efficiently,” Shaw said. “Legislators are elected to make these choices.”

To help ease the tax burden in Standish, Shaw said he would work to change the distribution plan for the state revenue sharing program, which takes 2 percent of state revenue and distributes it back to towns. Before 2006 the money was distributed to all towns, but after 2006 it was only redistributed to towns with tax rates higher than $10 per $1,000 assessed property value.

“They’re penalizing towns that have been thrifty with their money,” Shaw said, adding that Standish has lost $240,000 since the plan was changed.

On another local issue, the town’s boat launch and lack of a town beach, Shaw said he would work in the state house to promote both amenities.

“We need someone up there who can keep an eye on what’s going on and make sure that Standish residents get the best deal they can,” Shaw said.

Shaw, who works as a conductor for Amtrak, said his experience as a regular working guy would guide him in Augusta.

Mike ShawMike Shaw

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