John Cushing, 47, of Saco, is running for the District 7 Senate seat because he wants his values to be represented in Augusta. Those values include self-reliance and self-sufficiency and massive curtailment of state spending.

“Those in Augusta have been way too liberal with their spending. In the past 10 years the state budget has gone up by 50 percent. We have to stop that spending spree,” said Cushing, a member of both the State Republican Committee and the York County Republican Committee and an unsuccessful candidate in 2006 for the House seat from District 134.

He is seeking to unseat longtime state Sen. Barry Hobbins, a Democrat.

Besides spending, the biggest issues the Legislature will face in the next session are cutting taxes and creating jobs, said Cushing.

He wants to offer a 10 percent tax credit for Maine residents who graduate from the University of Maine System. The tax credit would apply to residents who agree to live and work in Maine for five years.

Cushing also said he wants to end the “unrelenting” cycle of tax increases.

“Each time taxes go up, the number of jobs in Maine goes down. A sound economy requires sound tax policies,” he said.

Cushing is committed to protecting the environment, while at the same time promoting economic development. He said the two must go hand in hand to ensure that Maine preserves its way of life as it also creates jobs.

“I want to change the dynamic in Augusta. I want to curtail spending, help small businesses grow and create sustainability,” Cushing said.

Cushing is director of marketing at Speech Pathology Associates. Senate District 5 covers Buxton, as well as Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Dayton and part of Biddeford.

Senate District 5 – John Cushing – Seeks to ‘change the dynamic’ in Augusta

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