What a wonderful community of people Windham has!

The Lions Club and the generosity of people who made their food

drive a success have already been noted. That is just the tip of giving in this town. Good deeds being too numerous to list are represented here by a few examples.

Ron Eby of Windham Automotive used his benevolent leadership skills to raise more than $4,000 from businesses and individuals to provide needed food certificates for families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On an ongoing basis residents, including our school children, are donating and fund raising for a multitude of worthy causes. The food pantry, Camp Sunshine, Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, animal shelters, and people who have losses due to fires and accidents find that the businesses and individuals rally around them with financial and emotional support.

Area churches provide meals year-round. Service clubs donate a lot of time and effort to support and improve the quality of life for others. Businesses support children’s youth sports activities and non-profits quite generously. Neighbors who can help neighbors in need with snow shoveling, lawn mowing, and errands.

What a town! It’s all the little giving day to day that enriches this

wonderful community. No one ever knows when it will be their turn to need a helping hand, but if you live in Windham it’s a good bet you’ll get one when you need it the most.

With the downturn in the economy both businesses and individuals are hurting financially. I’m glad they used their limited resources wisely to demonstrate the spirit of Christmas with donating food and money to people in need instead of spending it on the flashy, superficial glitter of decorations. This can be done when the economy improves.

The true spirit of Christmas lasts year-round in this town, and we are thankful and appreciative to residents and businesses for their kindness.

Happy New Year.

Liz Wisecup


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