To the citizens of Gray:

Did you know?

Last June the town manager was asked why the warrants for the town meeting were not published in the newspaper. Her response was that the newspapers use to post them for free but now charge for them. She would not use them in order to save the town money. She posted them on the bulletin boards of Gray Market Place, Cole Farms Restaurant, and the town office, as well as on the town Web site.

Did you know?

The Town Council last fall discussed at one of their meetings that they needed to close Stimson Hall in order to save fuel costs.

I find it very commendable that the town manager and the Town Council wanted to save the town money, or did they?

The next thing you know they are telling the citizens of our town that we need to immediately replace the town office. So now we have gone from saving nickels and dimes to spending $2.4 million for a new town office. Oops! I forgot the anticipated interest costs of $1.1 million.

Now our new town office will cost 3.5 million dollars or more to house how many employees? When is enough, enough? When do you, the citizens of Gray, take a stand? After all, it’s your wallet that their fingers are in.

Richard Walls


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