Since Democratic Gov. John Baldacci has said he wouldn’t raise taxes this term, he’s raising every “fee” he can find. I received a letter in the mail recently from Maine’s Board of Professional Licensing and guess what? My licensing fees have doubled. When will the Democrats who run this (once great) state realize the way to increase revenue is to not tax (and fee) their businesses within an inch of their very lives, but to decrease the taxes and fees associated with doing business. This leaves room (believe it or not) to expand and create businesses, hire more people, thus creating more revenue streams for Augusta.
The proof is in the pudding. Just look at how many businesses in the last 40-plus years have left Maine or closed. Far too many to list. Augusta has it wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin to sort this mess out, but if Gov. Baldacci would like some help, I’m available evenings and weekends. I am sure I could round up a few more small business people to help as well. The state of Maine is a business, so run it as one.
And by the way, I’d prefer Maine not accept the “stimulus” money from Washington. Can’t we be like Ford Motor Co. and turn ourselves around? Where has the “Mainer” gone?

Renee Rogers