With the economy in its present condition and many folks out of work, I suppose one of the most important purchases you would make is a new mattress.

I have never seen so many ads on TV for mattresses as I have lately. “Rest assured,” I do not want to see mattress companies going out of business. However, having very little extra money to spend, I would definitely be putting a new mattress at the bottom of my list.

My present mattress is probably 30 years old, but I sleep like a log on it every night. My husband gets up a couple of times during the night, but it is not because of the mattress. It’s because he napped on the couch while “watching” television all evening.

If mattress companies are selling fewer than usual, they could probably save a good deal of money by not advertising so much on TV, and we could all rest easier on our old mattresses.

Dianne LeConte


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