Citizens of Westbrook, say, “Not a Done Deal.”

With such a short notice to the citizens of Westbrook and beyond, we are outraged by the board’s decision to close Warren Memorial Library. According to Caren Michel, library board treasurer, it is stated that the funds would be depleted in four years. And Bruce Saunders, board president, says we would be taking monies from the principal of the endowment. Who is your mathematician? You have done zero to feed the endowment. Your excuses don’t work for me.

Rene Daniel, a board member, states that we will have free programs and services for the community, but “just not a library.” My question to you, Mr. Daniel, is: What’s your ulterior motive? To me the Warren library is for the future of our kids’ education and so much more. Let’s not forget the purpose of the building is to serve the community as a library, and nothing else.

For those who would like to support our library, go to and search for our Save the Warren Library group.

Kim Carignan


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