I am a student at the Southern Maine Community College. I have been attending this college for almost a year. I have noticed that students do not have much of a parking space. I think staff and students should share all the parking that there is on the college. They should not divide the parking or make parking just for staff that are closer to the building because sometimes people are late to class because there is not parking and they have to park in the very end of the parking lot. The school should not be giving tickets to those students that park in the staff parking because most of the time that staff parking is not full.

In the wintertime the parking issue is even worse. The snow takes lot of parking space and students do not have much place to park. Most of the students that go to this college live far way. I have a minivan and sometimes people take two parking spaces and my car will not fit in the little space so it takes more time to find a parking.

I believe that the college should do something about the parking issue because there are more people attending the college and the parking issue is getting bigger.

Blanchy Nunez