I know neither Mike Ouellet nor Councilor Karen Klatt, but what is evident to me is that in the search for political one-upsmanship, Klatt has foregone her duty to do what is right for the people and has made a mockery of an organization charged with leading the town of Brunswick. Whether you believe there were conflicts of interests are now a moot point. What is relevant is that Klatt chooses to rehash the embarrassment that has been council meetings for a month and keep this vitriol alive and well. When will it end?

It is reprehensible for a member of any elected body to use an acquaintance or loved one as a leveraging tool against someone you disagree with. If the article by Steve Mistler was correct in its assertion that Klatt shopped around a photo of an acquaintance in hopes of denigrating the character of Ouellet, then she should be ashamed. In fact, the entire council should be ashamed because they are now the acquaintance of Klatt. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Shame on you, Councilor Klatt. I hope that this is not the sort of behavior that we can see continue throughout the rest of your term.

Jonathan Crimmins