I appreciate the careful and intelligent thought Joe Wrobleski applies to all issues he encounters. He consistently reserves judgement until he considers all relative concerns and consequences. This is a developed thinking skill coming from many years practicing law as well as many years serving on the Falmouth Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, Planning Board and now the Town Council. He is a real asset.

I have spoken to many people who serve as councilors or committee members in Falmouth and in non-governmental groups. All of them say one thing: Wrobleski works really hard, and he is thorough in his study of issues. He thinks things through. I personally appreciate his work to create a process by which the council can evaluate fire safety without Engine 3. This is a reasonable approach, relying on outcomes rather than projections, and giving the town flexibility in making a long- term decision regarding public safety.

Joe is committed to serving the Falmouth community with hard work, balanced thinking and fairness. His experience with long-term planning, from CPAC to being the chairman of the Council’s Community Development Committee, coupled with his careful thoughtfulness give us a valuable asset in his continued seat on the council. Please vote for Joe Wrobleski on June 9.

Sally Barrows

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