What does Windham need in a town councilor candidate, to succeed today, tomorrow and into the future?

Like many communities in Maine and across the nation, the Town of Windham faces many challenges as we make decisions across myriad issues. To be able to discuss all alternatives with open minds, to work in the interest of everyone and not be narrowly focused on any one group is paramount to our future.

We need candidates who can work across all boundaries. We need representation that listens to the needs of everyone. We need leaders who can create a spirit and environment of working toward the common good.

And we have one: Steve Demetriou. I have known Steve personally and professionally for over 10 years. In that time, what I have seen is a man who looks at an issue from all sides before forming an opinion or a stand. Steve is a consensus builder, a rare quality, it seems these days. A community cannot succeed if led by those who dig their heels in and refuse to see the other side. It is a must to extend one’s hand, to understand another’s point of view, and then honestly address that view in molding policies and decisions.

We are fortunate to have a candidate of Steve’s quality, and I sincerely hope you will take the time to get to know what he stands for during this campaign season. A vote for Steve will be a vote for the good of all residents of Windham.

William Malloy Jr.