It is with great anticipation and without any reservation that I write a letter of support for Colleen Hilton, the Democratic candidate for mayor of the City of Westbrook.

A proud alumni of the Westbrook schools and the University of Maine System with a certificate of graduate studies at the Muskie Institute, Colleen is a participatory lifelong resident of this great city. She is the daughter of Malcolm and Mary Jane Noyes, Malcolm being a former member of the Westbrook City Council and current chairman of the board of Westbrook Housing.

It’s not surprising, given her roots, that Colleen has felt compelled to serve. She and her husband, Bill, raised their own family here. She committed thousands of hours of her personal time (to help shape educational) policy while understanding the fiscal constraints under which we live.

As chief executive officer of VNA Home Health and Hospice, Colleen is responsible and accountable for the fiscal operation and professional management of a large Maine health care business, which provides needed health care delivery services to the residents of southern Maine. She understands the needs of our senior residents as well as others requiring home care and undertakes her job with great enthusiasm and compassion. Her operational capabilities are evident, and I’m sure will assist her in the management of our city as mayor.

I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of serving with Colleen during her multi-year tenure as chairwoman of the Westbrook School Committee. I admired her work ethic (and) her ability to lead. She is an intelligent, articulate and dynamic leader. Her integrity is uncompromising. She will bring a fresh perspective to the office of mayor and to the future direction for the city of Westbrook. (I have) no doubt that as mayor, she (will make) responsible decisions and the tough policy choices required to move our city forward. As the campaign winds down and you head to the polls on Nov. 3, I ask that you vote in support of Colleen Hilton for mayor of the city of Westbrook.

Rep. Tim Driscoll

District 126/Westbrook