As Election Day approaches I remind the citizens of Scarborough of a great loss to our community – the centuries-old public road to Pine Point Beach known as Depot Street,  which was closed and given away to the Lighthouse Motel. From June to August an unprecedented 51 citizens spoke against the plan at council meetings. A petition with about 400 names was presented opposed to the plan. Lawyers hired by citizens warned the council the plan was legally flawed. Despite the overwhelming opposition, four of the seven council members voted to close Depot Street and give it away. In exchange for what? A tiny parking strip owned by the motel.

Carol Rancourt was a strong voice of reason and did her best to persuade the entrenched element on the council who refused to consider the outpouring of public opposition. She had proven once again her abilities to balance many interests and look for common ground, and she showed her respect for the people. She has a long history of public service and deserves voters’ support for another term on the council.

Richard Sullivan, who is also running for re-election, clearly knew he was the “swing vote.”. In July, Sullivan spoke forcefully against the plan during council deliberations. Then, moments later, and to the astonishment of the 90 people in the audience, he voted for the plan. It was an unbelievable flip. For this and many other reasons, the voters ought to exercise their ultimate power and not give him the privilege of another term.

Judy Shirk