Thank you for sharing Tony Payne’s first column and your “justification” for it. Your disclosure that two Falmouth town councilors objected is disturbing, and odd. The attempt by councilors to muzzle you smacks of censorship, or worse. You are a free enterprise company, trying hard, like many, to build a business. Must you think politically about decisions you deem in the interests of your, and the overall, local business development? Maybe. Last week’s Falmouth council meeting clearly showed the disinterest of some on the council to pursue economic development, i.e. development that adds employers, jobs, diversity of tax base to lower our property taxes, and, adds paying advertisers in your free paper.

For the councilors to discourage the clear, unspun, public message of potential opposition, either personally or philosophically, seems odd. Such candor usually stirs up the opposition, not supporters, of the writer. Plus, throughout campaigns, opponents always try to “pin down” opponents. Well, if Tony runs, you won’t have to pin him down, he’s doing it himself! To your dismay, councilors?

To Tony: I hope your purpose was to show those legislators that on key issues they vote Republican. Maybe they should cross the aisle? I hope you got them thinking.

Bill Gardiner

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