Opponents of Question 1 on the November ballot have billed themselves as “Protect Maine Equality.” They infer that if same-sex marriage fails, equality will go out the door with it.

Actually, supporters of Question 1 believe in equality, too. We want equality as much as the opposition does; the issue is that homosexuality and marriage are not equal.

For example, we don’t change the definition of the word veteran from “someone who served in the military” to “anyone who owns a gun” just so more people can be included. The two ideas are not the same. If we did in fact change the word, it would lose any significance or meaning that it used to have.

It’s the same with marriage. The ideas of “two people” and “a man and a woman” are not equal and should not be placed in the same category. Were we to change what marriage means, it would lose any significance or meaning that it once had.

Vote yes on 1, and cast your vote for equality.

Harrison Otis