I would like to thank the citizens of South Portland for having the faith and trust to elect me to the City Council. My goal is to be a clear, constant and consistent voice of the people, and I encourage residents to contact me with their view on the issues. We continue to face challenging times; however, I believe the council is a citizen model where voices need to be recognized. I pledge to do just that.

I would also like to thank both of my opponents, Gary Crosby and Chris Kessler. They conducted civil, friendly and positive campaigns. Both of them should be recognized for their willingness to serve. I hope that Chris and Gary will continue their involvement; there is a role for each of them, and I hope to take advantage of that over the next three years.

Thank you to all who voted. A turnout of 68 percent was magnificent to see. I met people of all ages on that day, from former students who were new voters, to newly naturalized citizens to seniors upholding their desire to vote well into their 80s. I was proud.

Voting, in my view, is more than a privilege and not just a right, but truly an obligation. I recognize the effort on the part of our city clerk and her staff and wish to thank them as well, for running a smooth operation at all the polls as well as in pre-voting.

Rosemarie De Angelis
South Portland