Can the residents of Falmouth live with no Martin Point Bridge for three years? The simple answer is no.

There are many safety, environmental and cost factors that would not make this alternative a viable choice. First, there would be a significant increase in travel time to medical facilities, with possible life-threatening consequences. Mutual aid fire and police assist to the Route 1 corridor from Portland and other southern communities would not be timely. There would be the need for increased police presence at major intersections, particularly during high-volume times, to control traffic flow and minimize accidents. In addition to the increased costs to Falmouth, many businesses would suffer economically, which could affect their employees.

One option might be a one-lane, traffic-controlled temporary bridge that would provide emergency vehicle access as well as traffic during peak hours. The Route 1 corridor is the economic center of Falmouth and should not have one leg cut off.

Mayer S. Fistal