DOVER, N.H.- A high school student who was critically injured by an electrical shock after having clamps attached to his chest was a willing participant in the classroom stunt and may have been encouraged by his teacher, police said Monday.

Investigators found no evidence that anyone believed 18-year-old Kyle Dubois would be hurt by the shock, which briefly stopped his heart and landed him in a hospital for six days, Chief Anthony Colarusso said. No charges will be filed, he said.

In interviewing more than 20 students, faculty members, medical personnel and electricity experts, police heard varying accounts of what led to the March 11 incident.

Several Dover High School students said teacher Thomas Kelley told Dubois that he would give him Mountain Dew soda in exchange for getting shocked. But Kelley said that he was only aware that students were playing with an electrical test cord and that there was talk about Mountain Dew.

Dubois said he didn’t remember whether the teacher was involved in the conversation about soda.

Dubois acknowledged that he was a willing participant and that he attached a clamp from the electrical test cord to his chest, police said. Another student put a second clamp on the other side of his chest, and a third plugged the cord into an electrical outlet.

The electrical current, estimated at 114 to 125 volts, ran through the teenager for about three seconds, police said.

School staff, including Kelley, provided immediate medical attention to Dubois, and paramedics restored his heartbeat with a defibrillator.


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