Police officers from around the state are gathering in Westbrook today for an FBI seminar on how to avoid becoming a target of deadly force and how to survive a deadly force encounter.

Hosted by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the day-long class at the new Westbrook Middle School features a presentation by FBI instructor Marcus Young who survived a shootout with a neo-Nazi in 2003.

The class includes research done by the FBI to determine what makes criminals shoot at some officers and not at others. FBI behavior analysts based their data on interviews with numerous gunmen imprisoned for shooting officers over the past 20 years, said Cumberland County Chief Deputy Kevin Joyce, president of the New England chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates.

“We think we’re profiling them but they’re profiling us too,” Joyce said. “The bad guys profile the police and size them up, and certain things cause them to assault or kill police officers.”

The class covers training, techniques and equipment that can be essential in surviving a deadly force encounter.

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