BOSTON – Muslim leaders in Massachusetts fired back Friday at gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill, whom they accused of making “bigoted” statements after Gov. Deval Patrick met with members of the Muslim community.

In a statement, a coalition of Muslim leaders called Cahill’s remarks “bigoted undignified” and “anti-democratic,” and said the governor has a right to meet with members of all religious backgrounds.

Last weekend, Patrick met with around 1,000 Massachusetts Muslims who wanted to raise awareness about their faith and become more civically engaged.

“I fully support equal protection under the law for every American, regardless of race or creed, but this is political correctness run amok,” Cahill said after Patrick met with Muslim leaders.

Noting two Muslim Americans recently were arrested in Massachusetts in connection with the probe of the attempted Times Square bombing, Cahill added: “Gov. Patrick should stop playing politics with terrorism.”


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