BOSTON – A Boston Immigration Court judge granted a second continuance Wednesday in the visa hearing for South Portland resident Mohammad Rahman, 34.

Rahman was scheduled to appear before the court via teleconference from jail in Portland, where he has been held in federal custody on an immigration violation since May 13.

Rahman and two men living in Massachusetts — all Pakistani nationals — were arrested in connection with the investigation into the failed Times Square bombing in New York City on May 1.

Authorities say the three men may have given money to the primary suspect in the bombing attempt, Faisal Shahzad, through a network used by immigrants without knowing how the money would be used.

Rahman’s lawyers were granted the continuance Wednesday morning for undisclosed reasons. A new hearing is scheduled for June 23.

Although Rahman’s visa expired in 2006, he is married to an American.

Immigration law experts in Portland have said his marriage gives Rahman a good argument for obtaining legal status, as long as he does not face any criminal charges in connection with the car bomb probe.