At Steve Abbott’s campaign headquarters on Baxter Boulevard campaign workers decked the halls with red “Abbott for Governor” signs and red and white balloons as they awaited the arrival of their candidate.

He was expected to remain at the polls until they closed. Offices usually used by campaign workers were cleared out to make way for election night activities and the media. A play room had been set up for the children of volunteers.

A spread of cupcakes, cookies, fudge, crackers, fruit, brownies and chips was laid out to feed hungry volunteers, including a plate of homemade sugar cookies shaped like the state of Maine. The cookies, with white icing and red borders, were made by Felicia Knight, the campaign’s director of communications.

“It is a humble effort but it represents about three weeks of work,” said Knight, who was wearing red shoes.

Also on the table were stacks of red metal cups with the “Abbott for Governor” logo, the kind of cup that might be taken along on a camping trip. The cups, filled with trail mix, were a nod to Abbott’s reputation as a hunter and outdoorsman.

Just before 8 p.m. campaign workers gathered around a podium and three TVs in a room outfitted for watching election results and cheered as a TV news crew did their stand up.

They are keeping in touch with their Bangor supporters by Skype.



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