Local watering holes seem to think the lure of inexpensive booze is all it takes to get women in the door. Take an average weekday, mix up some $5 drinks, and you’ve got yourself a ladies night.

Maybe that works for your average martini-tipping gal. But the discerning lady drinker needs more. Like a $5 martini AND a manicure. Because, let’s face it, you may be overflowing with panache, but we’re all on a budget these days.

Jimmy the Greeks in Old Orchard Beach aims to please with the resurgence of its $5 Martinis and Manicures Night on Tuesdays from 7 to 10 p.m.

The martinis (or cosmos, if you prefer) are poured at the bar in colors bright and summery enough to make your nail beds jealous. There could be some polish inspiration in that cranberry martini.

One of Jimmy’s long family-style tables is made into a temporary nail salon with stacks of cotton rounds, hand creams and an array of polishes lined up like chubby, colorful soldiers. If your timing is just right, you might be able to slide right into a spot across from one of the manicurists. More likely, you’ll need to hover.

There’s no official sign-up sheet, so ladies and gents desperate for a mani may have to finagle for a spot when it’s busy. In a generous effort to help, I’ve compiled some possible manicure-procuring strategies:

Bring a friend who’s willing to create a diversion by breaking into song at the other end of the bar, enabling you to slide into a spot while others are distracted. “Respect” by Aretha Franklin is always a solid and effective choice in such situations.

Have a martini delivered to the manicurist with a note that promises “more where this came from” if she treats your cuticles right. Wink suggestively if you think it will help.

Pop out to the parking lot and set off some car alarms. As women filter outside to inquire about the racket, grab your place. Should the police arrive to investigate the matter, blame your singing friend at the other end of the bar, who by now has moved on to an awkward rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Of course, you can always just wait your turn.

Unlike other decisions you’ve made after tipping back a few cocktails, the manicure is one you won’t regret. But should you roll over in bed Wednesday morning to find your nails coated in an embarrassing, brightly hued fuchsia, rest assured that a few dollops of acetone will make the polish go away.

Acetone will not, however, have the same effect on the court summons the cops handed you for trying to break into all those cars.


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