BRUNSWICK — A team of students from Bowdoin College is heading to Singapore to compete in the 2010 RoboCupSoccer World Championships starting Saturday.

The Northern Bites, seeded second in this year’s competition, will be among 24 teams competing for the robotics soccer world championship in the Standard Platform League.

The opening ceremony will take place Sunday, after which the Northern Bites will be one of four teams invited to participate in a special demonstration before Singapore’s minister of education.

The Northern Bites took second place at the 2010 RoboCupSoccer U.S. Open for the Standard Platform League, which was held in April at the Watson Ice Arena at Bowdoin.

The world championship games begin Monday. Four robots per team will compete on 4.4-by-6.8 meter fields. Among many changes in the rules from 2009 include the use of a street hockey ball.

The robots operate with no external control by humans or computers, and are executing programs written entirely by Bowdoin students. The robots must be calibrated to each new environment, particularly regarding color vision.

In its opening bracket, Bowdoin’s team is scheduled to take on L3M, a joint team comprising students and professors from various French and Spanish universities; and the German Nao-Team HTWK, consisting of graduate and undergraduate students of Leipzig University of Applied Science.

The championships will conclude with an awards ceremony and banquet on Thursday, June 24, followed by a symposium on robotics research advances resulting from competitors’ work on Friday, June 25.

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