CAPE ELIZABETH — The town will begin a pavement rehabilitation project July 6 on Route 77 between Wentworth Road and the Inn by the Sea.

Once construction begins, the project is estimated to take four to five days to complete, according to Public Works Director Robert Malley.

Malley said slight delays are to be expected, and motorists heading south towards Scarborough can use Fowler Road as an alternative route.

Before the paving beings, the contractor, Dayton Sand & Gravel, will remove a layer of pavement in a process called “milling.” Malley said the process “involves removing approximately 1.5 inches of asphalt and then replacing it with a new layer of the same thickness.”

The advantages for this process are not having to raise drive entrances or adjust shoulders because exisitng elevations will be maintained.

This project is similar to the work done between Fowler Road and Old Ocean House Road last May, Malley said.

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