Crews in several York County towns are at work cleaning up after Thursday’s intense storms that twisted off the tops of trees and leveled utility poles.

“It was very fast and furious,” said Saco Emergency Management Agency Director Steve Boucouvalas.

Saco officials are waiting for a representative of the National Weather Service to survey the damage to determine whether the storm classified as a microburst or perhaps even a tornado, he said.

“They tell us from what we described over the phone as twisting of trees at the top and splintering, that has some resemblance of what happens during tornados, the only difference being we didn’t see the damage to houses that would normally happen,” he said.

The storm appeared to follow the course of the river, hitting the area around Ferry Road hard at about 2:30 p.m., then crossing over to Temple Avenue in Old Orchard Beach before swinging back into Saco then out to sea, he said.

The town lost power at the dispatch center just as calls began pouring in to report downed lines and tree damage, he said. A backup generator came on but the switchover created some computer problems, he said.