YARMOUTH – Three juveniles apparently picked the wrong neighborhood to break into some cars.

Officer Roger Moore of the Yarmouth Police Department said his barking dog woke him up a little before midnight Saturday and when he looked out to see why his dog was agitated, he noticed the dome light in a neighbor’s pick-up was lit. Then he saw it go out and the light in another car in the neighbor’s driveway go on.

Moore called the police dispatcher to get a patrol car on its way to the neighborhood, near North Road. Moore dressed quickly and went outside, where he saw one teenager moving from the driveway where the dome lights had been on to another driveway. He then saw him meet up with two other teens coming from side streets. Two of the teens – one of them carrying a billy club – then begun running in Moore’s direction, so he stepped into the street and ordered them to get on the ground. The third teen ran off, but was picked up by a Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy a short distance away.

Police recoverd some GPS units and iPods, Moore said

The three, who were not identified because of their ages – one was 16 and two were 17 – will be charged with burglary to a motor vehicle, Moore said.