SOUTH PORTLAND – At the 2006 TD Banknorth 250, 22-year-old Jeremie Whorff shocked the Oxford Plains Speedway spectators.

The West Bath native took the checkered flag in a race that featured NASCAR drivers such as Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch.

For the Whorff family and Whorff Motorsports, 2006 was the year of the 1-2 punch. The top two finishers were both named Whorff, one a 22-year-old, and the other, Bill Whorff Jr., the proud father of a champion.

“The 250 in 2006 was our day,” Whorff said.

For dad, it’s enjoyable racing alongside his son and even though he finished second, the 2006 race was memorable.

“I’d love to win the 250 myself, but (Jeremie) is turning into a great race car driver. That race taught him,” Whorff Jr. said. “It’s a good feeling to race with him.”

Now 26, Whorff will start in car No. 00 in this year’s TD Bank 250 on Sunday at Oxford Plains.

He’ll race against Jeffrey Earnhardt — the grandson of the seven-time NASCAR champion, Dale Earnhardt — and Brad Keselowski, the Nationwide Series points leader.

Jeremie’s love for auto racing began as a child idolizing his father, and it was the father who introduced him to it.

“He was practicing at Oxford and one day when I went to help, he asked if I wanted to try it,” the young driver said.

After his father introduced him to the feeling of sitting in a race car, Whorff fell in love with the adrenaline, competition and speed that are part of the sport.

He is also part of Whorff Motorsports, the family’s organization, which is dear to his heart.

“It’s quite an honor to be a part of an organization like we have. It’s a big family deal and a fun hobby,” he said with a smile.

His passion for the sport helped him win a tight race in 2006, when he had Kyle Busch in his rearview mirror. In Whorff’s mind, there was no better accomplishment

“I can’t even explain it,” Whorff said.

While not on the track, BillWhorff Jr. runs his family-owned construction company, Bill Whorff & Sons, but driving a race car has always been a significant part of his life and he will continue to follow his passion.

“It is a passion. I’ve always dreamed of driving a race car,” he said.

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