Public safety officials say the state’s propane supplies do not lack the telltale odor used to detect a leak, a problem that may have led to a fatal explosion in Massachusetts.

Illinois-based Aux Sable Liquid Products alerted officials in 12 states, including Maine, that propane deliveries may have lacked enough of the chemical additive to be noticeable. The rotten egg smell is added to propane, which is naturally odorless, as a safety precaution.

The company alerted state fire marshals and attorneys general in the affected states.

Maine Fire Marshal John Dean said he has checked with the state’s propane suppliers and been assured that all of the Maine supplies have adequate amounts of the odor-causing agent.

A propane leak killed a worker at a Massachusetts condominium complex in July, and co-workers who were there at the time reported smelling no odor, according to an investigation by the Massachusetts’ attorney general.