History was a favorite subject during schools years – the ultimate non-fiction story. Politics have been a keen interest since high school. The two are inexplicably tied. History and politics weave the past, present and future. Who better to serve our interests in Augusta than a candidate who has extensive knowledge and passion for both? Jerry Davis, a dedicated history teacher at Portland High School for many years, opened the books of these true stories for many by teaching the importance of the past. His compassion and service to others is deeply rooted from his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. As a former state representative and the incumbent state senator, he has brought knowledge and common sense to present-day issues that affect our tomorrows. He is wise, thoughtful and dedicated to his constituency. He is not afraid to fight a tough fight. After all, he was a semi-pro football player for the Portland Sea Hawks. On that field, he was highly respected for his strength and teamwork. Casting your vote for Jerry Davis for state senator will be a winning vote for Falmouth and for the state of Maine.

Julie MacDonald