I am writing to support the renovation of South Portland High School. Please, before you fill out your absentee ballot or go to the polls on Nov. 2, I encourage you to get the facts.

This project is taking care of a lot of mistakes that were made in the past. Some think that the project could be done for less money, but unfortunately we have to pay for the past mistakes and shortcomings. The due diligence has been done, including an independent peer review. This is a good plan. Given the current economy, it may not be the best time to ask for an investment in our community, but when will it be a good time? When all the caring, supportive families that are here now have moved away, is that when you will finally vote to renovate the high school?

A lot of time, money and effort has been spent to come up with a plan that addresses the issues at the lowest possible price. Please don’t let these efforts go to waste. Go to the community forums being offered, see and understand the plans before you vote.

We all love South Portland for its small-town, community feel. This community is built family by family, moving into the city and staying because of the great things this town has to offer. Please don’t let the high school fall down around us, or this wonderful community we have built will fall down around us as well.

Jill Gorneau
South Portland

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