Chellie Pingree has a proven track record in Washington, and in these tough economic times we need an experienced representative who’s also a compassionate listener and a tireless advocate for the people of Maine’s 1st District. We know where she stands on the issues that are unique to Maine and important to her constituents.

It’s easy for Republican candidates across the board to criticize the current administration and assure voters that conservatives have all the answers. But talk is cheap, and where are the specifics on how they’d go about curing our financial ills? Cut spending? What programs, exactly, would be cut? The same goes for jobs and health care. Let’s face it: if the solutions to the nation’s many problems are so obvious and have been so readily available over the years, why didn’t the GOP get to work on the big issues years ago, when they were in power? Bottom line, it’s real easy to talk, much harder to act.

And action is what it’s all about. We need to keep Chellie Pingree working for us in Washington. She knows the ropes; she’s not afraid to take an unpopular stand on vital issues, such as opposing her party’s leadership with regard to continued deficit spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (I really admire her for that); and she has worked tirelessly to improve the economic climate in the 1st District. Let’s send her back to Congress on Nov. 2.

Suzanne Sherwood