When it comes to quickie lunches or breakfasts in a jiff, some folks err on the side of handheld bagels and pricey coffees that can be consumed in the car or during the brisk walk to the office.

And who has time to whip up a seasoned pile of home fries and bacon during the work week?

But Deb’s Sandwich Shop on Main Street in South Portland makes homemade-style breakfasts for folks who simply aren’t satisfied with a cold bran muffin every day.

The small storefront faces well-traveled Route 1, and drivers who slow down just enough might catch the scent of frying bacon wafting from the sandwich shop’s griddle.

Once detected, the smell lures passers-by like a tractor beam. Even a sandwich-seeking diner like me needed to rethink my lunch order. It was 10:30 a.m., after all. Not too late for breakfast.

Deb’s is a frill-free establishment. With hot food offerings such as two eggs, toast and home fries for breakfast ($3.79) and steak and cheese for lunch ($5.99 for a large), the shop is a cousin of the roadside diner, where filling grub on a budget is the centerpiece.

Unlike traditional diners, with their well-worn booths and linoleum floors that serve as a resting place for travelers, Deb’s feeds folks on the go. There isn’t a ton of seating here, but there’s a comfort-food menu and quick, friendly service.

Having been persuaded by the smells to go the bacon route, I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich ($2.70 on toast). While the sandwich was being prepared, my eyes caught “homefries” listed on the menu board above the counter.

Here I thought home fries were the stuff leisurely weekend breakfasts were made of. But on a workday? Is that even possible? I added an order.

Deb’s breakfast options also include English muffin ($1.09), two-egg omelet ($4.99), steak, egg and cheese combo ($5.25), and french toast and home fries ($3.49). A side of bacon (because who can resist) can be slipped in for $2.25. A side of toast: 99 cents.

Lunch seekers can choose from an array of sandwiches, such as an Italian ($3.99 for a large), roast beef ($4.99 for a large), BLT ($5.49 for a large) or hamburger ($2.29). Deb’s also makes pastrami and cheese ($5.99 for a large), meatball sandwiches ($4.99 for a large) and pepper steak ($5.79 for a large), among others. There are also daily specials.

My sandwich was wrapped and ready in no time, the home fries taking a few minutes longer on the grill. I busied myself with the rack of newspapers during the short wait, which was still less than five minutes when all was said and done.

The grand total for my feels-like-Sunday breakfast: $4.01.

And while nothing can replace a relaxing, syrup-soaked weekend meal at one of Maine’s roadside diners, it’s reassuring to know that same hot breakfast happiness is available Monday through Friday, too.

And you won’t even be late for the office.

The Features staff of The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram anonymously samples meals for about $7.