Reach out to your inner Parrothead when you first encounter Portland songwriter David Good’s debut, “35 Below.” Good’s got a sharp pop sensibility, so the tunes themselves won’t do you any wrong. He dabbles in homage to The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor and, a mere two minutes in, the first outright reference to “The Buff” himself.

This much is clear lyrically: Good loves chilling on the beach, where it’s warm, with a libation and without worry.

Dude’s heart is true, though, so past the cheese, the result is a conflict of great and terrible decisions. He’s got some terrific players in the room, particularly when John Stivers’ bouncy lead appears in “Never Too Late” and “Bling.”

On the other hand, the prominent flute part in “Glacier Demon” just made me think of Ron Burgundy stomping wine glasses playing “yazz” flute. “Hardworking Mother” can’t help its own patronizing themes, but Ashley Christy saves the tune with knockout backup vocals.

“Bling” is the standout here; sass suits Good, and Christy brings it home as a duet worthy of June Carter and Johnny Cash. When it boils down, the record is never a burden. The themes are light, it sounds great thanks to producer Bill Ellis’ steady hand — and it’s fun.

Just don’t dig too deep in those lyrics, because you’ll find only polite, trite scraps.

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland and Boston.