SCARBOROUGH — The Town Council is asking Central Maine Power Co. to postpone the installation of “smart” electricity meters due to concerns raised by residents.

A resolution asking the utility to not install the meters for at least 90 days won approval from the five councilors present at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday.

The resolution said residents are concerned about the potential health risks of radio frequency and microwave radiation and the potential that the equipment poses for invasion of privacy and hacking. The resolution also states that residents are concerned about the lack of consideration the Public Utilities Commission gave to the possible health and privacy implications and that CMP did not give sufficient notice to residents.

The resolution urges CMP to hold public forums about smart meters and allow consumers to opt-out of the installation of such equipment on their property. It also asks the PUC to provide a mechanism for residents to voice their concerns.

CMP has started a two-year project to replace 620,000 meters with the digital devices, which communicate through a two-way wireless network. The conversion of smart meters will save CMP money and are supposed to help customers manage their electricity costs.

Opponents have been pushing for a statewide moratorium until the potential health hazards are studied fully.

Dr. Dora Anne Mills, the state’s top health official, has said smart meters do not pose a health threat and that they operate within a similar frequency and power range as the wireless routers for home computers.

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